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Tooth gems

Placing a dental crystal is safe, painless and it is attached without drilling. It is comparable to the attachment of a lock bracket. The curing lamp that we use in combination with the special patented glue ensures optimal adhesion. This way you can be sure that your jewelry can last for up to several years.

How long the jewelry stays in place depends on the structure of your teeth and drinking and eating habits, but the acidity of the saliva also plays a role. Because we stand behind this product 100%, you have a two-week warranty on your jewelry, provided you follow the aftercare. 

The glue has a transparent color and is not visible on the tooth. The glue we use is a Sealing, which means that after curing, no bacteria can get under the jewelry. The glue is a patented and recognized dental product.  Of course, all this happens under strict hygiene.


Before you leave home to have a tooth crystal placed with us, make sure you have brushed your teeth well. After brushing, do not eat anything before you have placed a tooth crystal with us. This will ensure that the crystal adheres even better to your tooth and you can enjoy it for longer.

– Do not eat or drink anything for the first hour
– Do not brush your teeth for the first 12 hours
– No carbonated drinks for the first 24 hours    Drinking (this affects the glue)
– Be careful with hard 
– 2 weeks warranty
– Removal can be done, for example, during an inspection visit at     your dentist

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