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Maria Queenbee Stinger

“I mostly work Freehand, which means that I almost never use clamps when placing piercings which ensures that the impact is a lot less intense and absolutely helps the healing because less tissue is damaged.

Of course I work according to the GGD hygiene regulations, have an air sterilizer for air purification and make sure that everything I need to pierce you is sterile.

I am extremely patient and perfectionist and like to take my time to reassure you, guide you through the process as relaxed as possible, explain the aftercare, give honest advice, choose the perfect piece of jewelry together with you and also offer I also seek help with piercing problems and like to keep in close contact with my customers (I can almost always be reached via the app!)

There are plenty of piercing shops in the area but few offer the care and services that I do offer, I have an extensive and innovative range and always have everything at home to help you take care of your piercing if your piercing is not or heals badly. I also think it is a plus to treat each piercing as an individual (after all, every body is unique).

I can start your jewelery anodizing , have lots of Swarovski clusters and opal stones so I can create real works of art for you.

I only put your piercings with "implant grade Titanium" or "astmf-136" which is the highest quality medical Titanium available, is also used as a material in the medical world by means of surgically placed implants and is therefore much better accepted by the body. minimal chance of migration / rejection and other unwanted effects and I also have gold piercings of 14 or 18 carat gold and you will notice that during the healing process!

I only order from Wholesalers who actually have a "mill certificate" to demonstrate that their material is worthy of the title "astmf-136" and really gold! "


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