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Piercing with a needle vs shooting via a piercing gun ?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Did you know that:

  • The guns are a copy of what they use in the livestock industry to label animals and they thought that this could also be done for earrings in humans.

  • You always damage unnecessary tissue because the earrings are blunt and are pushed through your ear with brute force and therefore shattering of cartilage always occurs.

  • Jewelers are not trained to work sterile like a piercer does and the guns always contain particles from previous customers and cannot be sterilized.

  • Jewelers don't use titanium when we even have to.

  • The chance of inflammation is much greater because the backs of those earrings contain grooves and bacteria can nest there wonderfully.

  • The shooting earrings are too “thin” and cause cartilage rejection much more often? Your cartilage can dissolve through splintering. (Cauliflower Ear !!) At most you save some money by having a shot instead of piercing, but you do gamble with your health.

  • Twisting your jewelry destroys healing tissue and delaying healing?

  • Alcohol is too intense for open wounds and therefore not okay for piercings, but jewelers do sell cream with alcohol?

We pierce everything with needles in our shop. This gives a better result and there is less chance of complications.

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